Why Funerals Are Important for the Healing Process


When you lose someone close to you, the grieving period is always hard. The funeral is an important part of the healing process for many reasons. It helps to recall the memories of the individual, connect with family and friends, and celebrate their lives in a way they deserve. Learn more about why traditional funeral services are a necessity for us to be able to move forward.


Reinforcing the Reality

As many of us know, denial is the first stage in the grieving process. It can be extremely difficult to wrap our brains around the reality of death, especially if it was unexpected. Our first coping mechanism is typically to deny it for as long as possible in hopes that they’ll be coming back. The funeral allows the reality of death to set in, and allow you to begin to accept it.


Structured Activity

During a time of grief, it’s common to feel disoriented and lack a sense of time and structure. Days blend into nights, and days go by sometimes slowly and others in the blink of an eye. Your schedule is likely all off when you’re mourning, so it’s important to have something to do during this time. A traditional funeral service allows family and friends to all get out and gather at the same time to remember their loved one.


Express Feelings

A funeral service is also crucial for the healing process, as it allows you to express feelings of grief and recognize that what you’re feeling is normal. It’s important to let it out and allow yourself to feel and express your feelings, rather than letting it bottle up. It can feel like a very lonely time, and it’s crucial for your healing to connect with others and talk about it. 

Share Memories

It can be very therapeutic and important for the healing process to share your fondest memories and stories about the deceased. When we lose someone we fear losing all of the good times, shared bonds, and the impact that the person had. Sharing these stories and keeping their legacy alive can help you to cope and validate the life of your loved one. They deserve to be celebrated and honored with the memories you have to share.

Feel Supported

Perhaps the most important reason that the funeral is important is to feel the love and support of your family and friends. It can be an extremely overwhelming, sad, and lonely time, and sometimes you need a reminder of how many people are there for you. The services are a time for everyone to pay their respects to the deceased, while also showing support for one another and leaning on each other.

Contact Hamel-Lydon Chapel

At Hamel-Lydon Chapel, we understand just how important the funeral is for the family of the deceased to celebrate their life and help with the grieving process. We’re committed to providing quality services that honor their life in a memorable way. If we can help you during this time, give us a call at 1-617-472-5888 to learn more about the funeral services we offer in Quincy MA.

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