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Local Cremation Services in Boston, MA

Our direct cremation service is where the body is brought into our care by funeral staff and placed in a cremation container to be taken to the crematory once all the paperwork is completed. This involves no funeral service and no mourners present during the cremation process. We have a few direct cremation plans, including the option of having the cremains mailed or delivered to a family member or having a memorial service or celebration of life after the cremation.

What Are Direct Cremation Services?

Hamel-Lydon is here to help families during these challenging times. We offer cremation services for families who have recently lost a loved one with no hidden costs. We want to provide you with the best services, giving your loved one the appreciation they deserve. We understand there is never a good time to lose someone you love, so we offer affordable, simple, yet meaningful cremation services for these hard times. Learn more about our cremation services in M.A., and see why we have been voted Best of Quincy Funeral Home Award for five years straight!

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How Much Is Direct Cremation, and What Does It Include?

A direct cremation service is an affordable option for families. Hamel-Lydon's simple direct cremation costs $1,695.00, and NO hidden costs or fees are included. This is the best option for families not prepared to spend tons of money on caskets, services, and receptions after a burial ceremony. Direct cremation is an affordable yet significant way to give your loved one the dedication they deserve. We also offer premium and deluxe cremation plans for families who are looking for additional options. Learn more about each cremation option below and the details of what it includes below.

Hamel-Lydon Cremation Plans and Costs

Hamel-Lydon wants to provide you with meaningful and affordable funeral services. Learn more about our local cremation packages and the costs of the service so you know exactly what to expect during an already stressful and challenging time.

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Simple Cremation Plan: 

Direct Cremation


         Includes all of the following services:

  • Basic Services of Funeral Dir. & Staff
  • Removal into our care
  • Medical Examiner Fees
  • Cremation Container
  • Transport to Crematory
  • Temporary Cremains Container
  • Cremation Process and Fees
  • Courtesy Online Death Notice
  • Notification to SSA

Additional Options:

  • Death Certificates, $20/each
  • Private Viewing, $425
  • Obituary Draft*, $150
  • Filling of Third-Party Urn, $50-$100
  • Sea Scatter, $425
  • Mailing of Cremains, $100+ 

      *Does not include newspaper charges
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Concierge Cremation Plan 


Concierge Delivery of Urn of Cremains

Includes all Direct Cremation Plan Services and the following: 

  • 3 Certified Death Certificates
  • Essential Line Wood Urn**
  • Medical Examiner Fees
  • Concierge Delivery of Cremains to Greater Boston (within 20 miles)
  • Obituary Draft & Submissions (Does not include newspaper charges)

Additional Options:

  • Death Certificates, $20/each
  • Private Viewing Prior to Cremation, $425
  • **Urn of Choice, prices vary
  • Engraving of Urn $55
  • Newspaper Notices, prices vary

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Memorial Cremation Plan 


Memorial Service or Celebration of Life

Includes all Direct Cremation Plan Services and the following:

  • 5 Certified Death Certificates
  • Memorial Service or Celebration of Life at                      Hamel-Lydon Chapel or Church 
  • Urn of Choice with Engraving (up to $500 value)
  • Flower Ring for Urn Display
  • Memorial Package (50 Prayer Cards, 25 Thank You Cards, Register)
  • Obituary Draft & Submissions (Does not include newspaper charges)

Additional Options:

  • Death Certificates, $20/each
  • Private Viewing Prior to Cremation, $425
  • Clergy or Celebrant Honorarium, $200+
  • Church Offering, $500-$800

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What Makes Our Cremation Service Different?

At Hamel-Lydon Chapel & Cremation Services of MA, we're committed to providing meaningful services that are as unique as life itself. We know this can be a challenging time for families, and not everyone is prepared to spend tons of money after a death. We take great pride in caring for our families, and will work tirelessly to provide you with a beautiful, lasting tribute to your loved one.

Our cremation services are not only meaningful but more affordable than other funeral homes. Our simple cremation charge is usually 20% to 80% less than your local funeral home. We provide our service throughout the state for one low price. So, it doesn't matter where you live in Massachusetts; we can carry out your cremation wishes simply, with dignity, and very affordable.

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The Difference Between Cremation and Traditional Funeral Services

A cremation service involves cremating the body where all the remains are ashes. A traditional funeral service consisting of a burial leaves the body intact inside a casket, which is lowered and placed into the ground. Both cremation and burial services can take place immediately after death. Still, cremation allows the family more time, as the body does not need to be prepared for burial immediately. Cremation is usually a fraction of the cost of burial as families save on caskets, embalming, the opening of the casket, and other costs. Both services can have a memorial or funeral service after the cremation or before the burial to honor the life of a loved one.

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Contact Us For Simple and Affordable Cremation Services in MA

At Hamel-Lydon Chapel and Cremation Services of Massachusetts, our mission is to offer all Massachusetts residents of all faiths an alternative to the complicated and costly funeral system prevalent in the United States today. For affordable cremation services in Quincy, MA, and surrounding areas in Massachusetts, contact our team today at 617-472-5888. We know these times are challenging, so we want to do whatever we can to make things easier for you and your family. 

FAQ About Our Cremation Services in Quincy, MA

With cremation, there are plenty of options to choose from when using cremated remains to honor and remember a loved one. Sprinkling them in the ocean or other areas that were their favorite (if allowed by the state) is a great way to spread a little of them in their happy place! Turning some ashes into jewelry or even a tattoo are other cool ways to keep that special person on your body with you! There are also ways, such as compressing them into a vinyl record stuffed into a stuffed animal or sending them to the bottom of the ocean to help save coral and underwater life. The list is endless, but nevertheless meaningful with whichever option you choose!

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